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Investigation: #SCP-013-U


SCP-013-U is the designation given to an organization, corporation, or group known as "The Factory", which is known for manufacturing items with supernatural properties, almost all of which have harmful effects on those who use them. Examples of items include:

-"Factory Porn"- A collection of pornographic films, some of which do not exist, that cause people to carry out more deviant acts the more it is used.

- Markers that permanently mark skin in a tattoo-like fashion.

- "Perfect Plastic"- Breasts implants that, essentially, turn the person they are implanted in into a plastic, mannequin-like version of themselves.

- "Instant Holes"- black, paper-like circles that create holes in any solid matter.

-"Knotty Stalkers"- Voodoo-doll like entities that cause emotional changes in their owners.

- Pencil sharpeners that sharpen pencils down to the atomic level.


The SCP Society attempted to obtain several of these items through their purported sources, with the following results:

-"Factory Porn" was obtained from a person who had previously received a file (known as "thefactory.exe") that supposedly contained the Factory Porn program. The file was, instead, found to have contained at least 20 distinct viruses and trojans, and infected the Society's main server. One of the viruses caused the Society's computers to play the "Trololololol" song for hours on end. File was later attributed to several members of the group "Anonymous", who created the file "4 teh lulz".

-"Perfect Plastic" was found to have been breasts implants made from recycled silicon implants obtained from cadavers. Sample obtained from Soap from Corpses Products; product not yet in circulation.

- The "Instant Holes" were found to have been retro merchandise from Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc., who had distributed several boxes of "ACME Instant Holes" in order to promote the "Road Runner" series of cartoons. Items were made of thin sheets of see-through plastic and showed no unusual properties.

-"Knotty Stalkers" are poor-quality thread dolls that were distributed in South Korea in the 1990s, later recalled en masse due to sharp pieces of metal being found in their material. Sample obtained from (Name Removed), a collector of recalled toys who lives in San Francisco, California.

- Neither the markers nor the Pencil sharpeners could be obtained for investigative purposes.

Additional investigations found that The Factory was, in fact, a series of"creepypastas" started on 4chan's /x/ (paranormal) board, similar to the "Slenderman" Mythos and "Zalgo". The tales involve a Civil-War era weapons factory run by Satan Worshipers; all investigators that have read the stories agree that they are of very low quality, but the actual concept of SCP-013-U has gained popularity on the /x/ board. This has lead to stories about SCP-013-U's items being continually distributed.


While items manufactured by SCP-013-U do exist, to some degree, SCP-013-U itself is fictional. However, due to the number of items that are supposedly manufactured by SCP-013-U, investigations will remain open for the time being. Individual investigations regarding Factory items are to be carried out at a later date.



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