Investigation: #SCP-423


There is a series of books that changed between readings, to include one or more characters that were not in the originals.


A search and comparison of the novels in question believed to be involved.


After a thorough investigation several things were discovered. The first that a majority of the books were, in fact, identical to all other version of that printing. Notations made of the "This is wrong!" noted on the books in fact, notated locations and character that were correct.

Of the remainder that were not identical, most were found to be from a series of books from a "Print On Demand" service whose original source material had been corrupted by outside interference (a disgruntled employee by the name of "Fred"). Inserted or changed text was found to be rife through out their product line. When they were contacted, the publishing service (Secorvia Centralized Printing) expressed concern and offered a complete refund or replacement for any works that were found to be erroneous.


The parties in question who reported the original "anomaly" expressed confusion when confronted by the evidence, but acknowledged the obvious truth of the matter.

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